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Phoenix highest ancient tea tree yellow tea after picking

Date: 2015-10-27

Phoenix tea known, but wu Dong as phoenix tea area of origin, the mountain cloud mist, open, changeability is very suitable for tea tree growth, many high mountains and old tea tree. In Dong l plateau, there was a called "yellow tea" of the ancient tea tree up to 6 meters, as the phoenix tea tree height. A few days ago, the ancient tea tree for tea picking.
This tea tree growth at an altitude of 1160 meters high, about seven hundred year old, belong to Huang Zhi scent, tree height 6.31 meters, the canopy of about 30 square meters. In terms of height, it is the most outstanding in the phoenix numerous ancient tea tree.
Guangdong tea expert the same sound  Huang Baizi: tea tree is the tallest of the phoenix tree, its leaf shape is oval, made into tea is Huang Zhi incense, rich smell, the color yellow.
Like this tall ancient tea tree and bush in harvest, and common tea tree is also different.
Guangdong tea expert the same sound  Huang Baizi: in accordance with the order of the phoenix traditional method of fuel, small tree from above to below, from outside to inside of the big tree, but such a high tea tree to climb up to more than 10 people. So from the top down, from outside to inside, don't miss, the buds will not miss, pick by fast when you need to quickly put, taken down in a basket to dry green as quickly as possible.
In order to catch in a specific period of time after picking, often need ten people climb the tea tree at the same time, the division of collaboration. Even if so many human, also want to spend most of time.
Guangdong tea expert the same sound  Huang Baizi: "open face" will, in the big "open face" just like is old, out of taste is light. And small "open face" is more tender, tea is not good to drink.
It is understood that due to the "yellow tea" ancient tea tree and old weak, yield is limited, in recent years, a year less than 10 jin tea production.