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Spy's chao-ju history Carry forward the as

Date: 2015-10-27

's chao-ju as tide studies is an important content, in the past 20 years has been brought to the attention of the chaoshan historical culture research center, in addition to successively in domestic and overseas literature books, widely solicited chao-ju as well as old records, scripts, chao-ju as audio and video products, as performance issue and stills, search for chao-ju, accumulation, and offer a variety of research materials, organize experts and scholars to visit in wenzhou, zhejiang province's chao-ju and yuan dynasties, the relationship between source and explore dynasties spirit in recourse chao-ju as well as the embodiment and inheritance, and so on and so forth, and in accordance with the "little" music company transcription of print's chao-ju old music CD, used together with the shantou office of spiritual civilization construction committee's chao-ju old recordings made the's chao-ju, classic reading old music appreciation, CDS, continuously implement's chao-ju old record sound material carrier of the transformation, for chao-ju heritage, dissemination and research of new channels, separately published the long-time's chao-ju data and theoretical research, expertise in the studies of operas and chaoshan cultural relics have Lin Chunjun, Chen Li Ming two experts to write the record's chao-ju smell, "hui's chao-ju dramas test", "proceedings of this chaozhou operas", "< > gold hair pin remember and research" and so on a number of important historical data value and knowledge value's chao-ju research monographs.
Fill the blank of the's chao-ju both research
Lin Chunjun written's chao-ju smell record (zhongshan university press, 1993), the upper and lower two volumes, in the form of notes record its collection, with the strength of his lifelong accumulation of chao-ju at home and abroad the smell can see, the art people content involves the history origin, spoke evolution, as well as the name of the evolution, organization troupe and with costumes, stage performances, chao-ju as well as abroad, influential artists and their deeds, since the founding of new China's chao-ju as well as the reform and development, YiJue, and chao-ju as zhen, etc., and recover and preserving's chao-ju during the "cultural revolution", once lost many precious text information and image information. The accurate data, rich in content, already has a firsthand historical data about fei Ming, informative, and readability, history, to carry forward is peeping chao-ju as important reading, everbright chaoshan culture, also as the first in the history of helping our system to understand the origin and development of chao-ju, art of both informative book, a lot of places to fill the gaps in past's chao-ju of both research and lack a lot, for in-depth to explore, research the historical origins of chao-ju, trajectory and stage art has an irreplaceable significance.
Chao-ju plays observatory in one hundred
Lin Chunjun, Chen Li Ming think of the "hui's chao-ju dramas test" (guangdong people's publishing house, 1999), culture bureau of guangdong province in the 1960 s in the bearing theatre opera research, guangdong dramatists association, guangdong boom joint publishing (internal), on the basis of the outline's chao-ju dramas, points up, middle and down three volumes, the total revenue over the past century's chao-ju stage of ancient and modern repertoire of more than 2400, more than 1100, before the founding of the mid - 90-90 after the founding, every play of "content" and "textual research", "content" to play the story synopsis, "textual research" including story (or script) source, writers (or adapter, transplanter), performance troupe (or) troupe and s performance, etc. Book income plays all play, though not as performance included in the proviso of more than 2400 dramas, contributors is over 30 years of hard collection and five years of serious investigation, interpretation, proofreading, obtained, composed in one hundred's chao-ju play observatory, a fully shows the chao-ju stage nearly hundred years various and colorful style, not only has important historical value and artistic value, also has a high cultural value and research value, its publication as the chaoshan culture left a valuable wealth.
Chao-ju history an important chapter
Chen Li Ming and Lin Chunjun co-editor of "essays on this chaozhou operas (broadcast daily press published in 2001), collected referring to around 42 papers about this chaozhou operas, content to research Ming xuande is write a Liu Xi will gold hair pin down, Ming jiajing manuscripts unearthed in the" pipa "two operas as the key point, at the same time comprehensive research Ming jiajing photocopy that li mirror remember operas, wanli Ming edition of commentaries" tide the golden flower girl "and its attached engraved this operas" Sue six niang ", span of 200 years before and after the above five scripts are dynasties operas in the system, and all the stage in chaozhou region, of which the li mirror ", "golden flower", "Sue six niang" are drawn from chaozhou folk stories, and directly indicate the "city", "city chamber", the product of seeding is obvious dynasties in chaozhou, reflect both dynasties in chaozhou and gradually incline to the orbit and characteristics of the localization, as well as the middle period of Ming dynasty's chao-ju began formal form with unique spoke and complete performance of the emerging Chinese operas flourishing. So this collection for nearly half a century, referring to relevant research around the collection published in Ming dynasty, chaozhou operas, for in-depth exploration and study of the history of the propulsion's chao-ju undoubtedly have high literature value and reference value.
The study's chao-ju formation and early development of monographs
Chen Li Ming wrote < > gold hair pin remember and research (guangxi normal university press, 1992), both of the unearthed in 1957 in chaozhou fengtang dynasties, north and south, new open-phase one-liners filial piety CNS Liu Xi will gold hair pin, show the unearthed the original and copy of the facsimile copy and arrange them, tasks savants do famously well-proofreading, then deep into a system, carding and research, is to demonstrate the performance from the Ming dynasties Renaissance, opera prosperous situation, according to yuan dynasties by the artist "legend of the yuan," adapted from wen-long liu ling flowers sharp, at the same time from operas in chaozhou dialect and custom, and after the analysis pointed out that the indoor-stage theatrical troupes arrived in chaozhou operas is at the time, to adapt to the local audience habits to change and abundant stage, suggests that the early Ming dynasty dynasties have perform in chaozhou and moved toward localization. The book will also be the operas Liu Xi will gold hair pin ji and finding other this opera in chaoshan area, such as "Cai Bo all", "li mirror", "golden flower", "Sue six niang", etc.), to explore the tide, as the origin and early development vein mark and yuan dynasties, so the book has not only the drama study of the history of some of the viewpoints of argumentation and original ideas, but also the research's chao-ju formation and early development of a book, for's chao-ju cultural history study also has a good reference and reference.