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The characteristics of the chaozhou cuisine culture

Date: 2015-10-27

Chaozhou cuisine comes from chaozhou, has several one thousand years of history. According to historical records, chaozhou cuisine can be traced back to the han. After the tang dynasty, influenced by central plains cooking skills, developing very quickly. Tang dynasty Han Yulin tide to tide dishes delicious praised said: "... ZhangJu Ma Jiazhu, so the mesh is to blame. The rest of the dozens of, is regrettable ". To the late Ming dynasty, chaozhou cuisine into the heyday, with chaozhou city shops, more famous, famous. In modern times, due to ChaoJi overseas Chinese, chaozhou cuisine with full use of the name of food at home and abroad essence, dishes more colorful, quality excellence. Today, chaozhou cuisine has developed into a unique lingnan culture characteristics, one of the well-known at home and abroad of China's culinary.
Chaozhou is located in the subtropical, the sea in the south, is rich in seafood. The most prominent characteristics of chaozhou cuisine, with seafood. To seafood cooking choice materials, made careful, for sauce dish seasoning, the delicious fresh, clear but not light, fresh and not red, and not greasy. Such as mandarin duck green crab, lobster, red braised shark's fin, lettuce oyster flipping, stewed black ear eel, clear soup crab pills, etc., is the representative works of wet food seafood.
Another characteristics of chaozhou cuisine, is good at cooking in vegetables and fruits as raw materials of vegetarian dishes. Of vegetables, fruits, coarse material fine, delicate taste, rich nutrition, such as the nation food, water chestnut puree, thick in mustard, sugar, sweet potato and other burning, are praised by gourmets. Chaozhou cuisine is famous not only in material is rich, also lies in the production of sophisticated, processing way according to the characteristics of raw materials and diverse, decoct, fry, boil, fry, stewing, stewed, roasted, baked, halogen, smoked, bubble, boil, stir, and exquisite knife work. Diversification of production way, formed the chaozhou cuisine flavor characteristics.
Chaozhou cuisine special attention with sauce. Different dishes, match with different sauce dish, a food dish, salty sweet sour, each have exquisite. And the galangal, plum paste in the sauce, fish sauce, red sauce, three permeability sauce, etc., especially chaozhou specialty. Tide food sauce dish is various, fill.
Chaozhou cuisine at the same time of exquisite color, taste and aroma, also hard in pursuit of pleasing on modelling. Chefs use bamboo shoots, turnip, potato and so on, seiko carved into all kinds of flowers and birds modelling, as an ornament or food mat, formed a unique "color plate of" art. Chaozhou cuisine banquet sui generis, big xi 12 courses, including salt, a dessert. Xi seats will end two sugar beet, referred to as the "end" sweet. For carrying forward the culture of chaozhou diet, chaozhou cuisine facing the whole country to the world, make people really enjoy the south's capital of food, this section will be launched in the name of the rich flavor of chaozhou cuisine. Distant friends, at this moment, you may feel filar silk scent, this sounds sweet! It will take you mind leisurely float to the picturesque chaozhou, of the absolute fragrant air chaozhou dishes and chaozhou people's hospitality, will make you relaxed and happy, linger.
Mention of chaozhou cuisine, have to fight cold is chaozhou, it belongs to a popular branch of chaozhou cuisine, referring to the general chaozhou booth run by the diet. It is take the route of civilians, and various upscale restaurant in the fine workmanship of the high cost of chaozhou cuisine. At first, the name should be derived from Hong Kong, is now gradually accepted by mainlanders.
"Cold" refers to the food store operated by dishes, because these dishes more belongs to cold food (of course also has a lot of impact on). And the meaning of "play" is to eat, eat the "play" word as a food, very ancient origin, in the novel, in the song is "pinching" or "play store", refers to the two words in the travel on the way to the hotel to eat. To the big file to visit chaozhou, is called "a cold". Chaozhou dozen cold dishes are mostly with characteristic of chaozhou diet the elder brother of fish, sea fish, gray fairy and other kinds of fish meal; Brine geese, duck, pork, egg, bean curd and other kinds of brine; Salted shrimp gu, preserved clam, salted duck and preserved tree and hemp leaf, white porridge, sweet potato porridge, and so on.