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Chaozhou city will set up public cultural foundation

Date: 2015-09-29

To inherit Chinese excellent traditional culture, carry forward the outstanding cultural traits, chaozhou chaozhou city will create public cultural foundation, to China to learn leading role, hipster professor jao tsung-i for flags, widely convergence social forces, raise public cultural capital, is committed to strengthening cultural heritage, promote cultural innovation, foster talents, promote cultural exchanges. The preparation is pushing.
It is understood that chaozhou public cultural foundation programs in late may formally established. The use of funds mainly into four aspects: one is to save endangered cultural projects, such as rescue, Renaissance, "hundreds of panel lights" traditional repertoire, to rehearse "18 sets of chaozhou gong" and recorded; Second is to encourage cultural production, key support's chao-ju play writing and chaozhou dialect playlet sketch creation; Three is to promote cultural and art exchanges, funding is conducive to enhance the level of chaozhou culture art and expand the activities of chaozhou cultural influence; Four is to foster cultural and artistic talent, focus on reward chaozhou cultural talents, shortage of talent, be badly in need of talent and outstanding young talent, inheriting and carrying forward the culture of chaozhou further.
Assistant to city Wen Guangxin bureau spokesman Su Jian tat: foundation mainly accept care about chaozhou cultural development from home and abroad, the group's fundraising, zhuhai non genetic bearing people, national arts masters, city master artisans and artists also eager to hear that donations, works after collection ready to focus to show up at the time of the foundation.
Was established to promote the work, the city of chaozhou public cultural foundation in the process of leading group, the municipal government appropriated $1 million start-up capital has in place. Foundation in the process of leading group has issued a "letter to people love chaozhou culture", the initiative hipsters, at home and abroad to make endorsed by celebrities from all walks of life and generosity, support, make contributions to development and prosperity of chaozhou cultural undertakings.
Assistant to city Wen Guangxin bureau spokesman Su Jian tat: Wen Guangxin bureau leading group office is located in the city, all the preparatory work is busy, we recently to set up and apply for registration to the municipal civil affairs departments also foundation plan before the end of may.