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Chaozhou painter han jiang roots "Hester" picture

Date: 2015-09-29

Recently, the chaozhou art academies organization 20 painter to carry out the "sea silk" cultural theme activities, artists from phoenix town, to the han jiang upstream, recorded in brush along the ancient silk road of the sea scenery.
CaiFengTuan launched back in the hometown of tea phoenix town tour. In phoenix town village, wu Dong painters into tea gardens, learn the history of the phoenix tea. On wu Dong phoenix on the top of the tianchi, artists see clouds beauty, with ink and paper records in the sight of the beautiful landscape.
At the same time sound 】 【 painter Wu Rongwen: order of the phoenix is the birthplace of tea culture, chaozhou and tea production base, today we visited a few places, have a new idea for the development of the phoenix tea industry, we all want to chaozhou Hester culture better
According to introducing, this activity of tour point in addition to the zhuhai port, east phoenix temples, longhu, zhe Lin, artists will also tour to meizhou, fujian longyan, visiting ancient port and distribution center for goods such as tea, porcelain, silk. After the phoenix trip, artists will back han jiang, visit a vicious, tai Po, meizhou tea Yang, all the way to the han jiang source.
At the same time sound 】 【 chaozhou art academies Totally winging: after the tour, prepared from the upstream of han jiang to the sea, draw down gradually, after a painting of a long, (show) some of the scenery, the humanities, the whole han jiang some scenery.
According to introducing, the end of the tour, artists will tour according to each point for topic selection, to complete the painting will be concentrated in September this year, the plan in late October on display in our city and compile the book.